Julia Bernard

  • Julia Bernard
  • Nick Name : Aralka (Dr.Slump)
  • Birthplace : Warsaw, Poland
  • Birthday : 29th October
  • Height : 5' 3"
  • Language : PL, EN, DE, JP
  • Likes : Singing, Games, Manga

Biography 1 : In love with Japan since I was born.

Bernard, was born in Warsaw, Poland. I was a loud baby. When I was 5, 6 years old, I got to know Japanese animation and my life had changed. I was watching Sailor Moon, Slayers, and Magic Knight Rayearth. I even tried to look like Usagi or Rei from Sailor Moon. Then later, when I was 12 years old my mum bought me my first manga. It was 'Peach girl' a typical shoujo for schoolgirls. Then I bought Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Love Hina, Chobits, Dr.Slump and so on and so on. The more I read them, the more addicted I became. I called myself Aralka. (Aralka is the heroine of Dr Slump)
Youtube Movie

Youtube Movie

Biography 2 : Music is my whole life.

I also
like japanese music. My favourite genres are japanese pop, UK and US rock, alternative, and indie. I am a girl who sings everywhere. I sing when I am shopping, taking bath, cleaning my room, and even at school. I know that sometimes my singing might be troublesome but I'm addicted to it and I can't help it ^^

Biography 3 : Video blogs in Japanese brought me the fortune.

I study
English and German but I didn't lose my interest in Japan. I've always wanted to be able to read manga in Japanese as well as japanese magazines. That's why I've started to learn Japanese. I've been learning for about 4 years and I think that my skills have increased to the point that I can have simple conversations in Japanese. In 2010 I started to upload video blogs on youtube. Thx to this I can also practise my Japanese skills. I got many nice and warm comments. They made me really happy and from that very moment I thought that I would do my best! A trip to Japan has always been my dream. I've been there only once but I wish I could go there again. I'm also thinking about living and working in Japan.
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Biography 4 : My first trip to Japan, my biggest dream in my life.

Youtube Movie Youtube Movie
A Few
months later I got an invitation to "Nodojiman: The World" which is a japanese programme where people from all over the world sing japanese, popular songs. The director found my youtube channel and sent me a message. I was really surprised. I thought "My dreams are coming true!". I guess I don't need to say that recording this programme was an amazing experience, the best in my whole life. It's really hard to say how happy I am. I've seen Japan for real: town, buildings, food, people. I felt very comfortable and didn't feel strange. I was in the right place. My first trip to Japan lasted for only 4 days but I hope that I'll be able to go there again someday. It's my biggest dream and I will do everything to fulfill it. It's the most important experience in my life. At present I spend my days learning Japanese and practising my voice. I do my best every day. I never give up.

Biography 5 : My second trip to Japan

At the
end of February I went to Japan again. This time it was even better! I went to Tokyo for about 4 days. I visited Harajuku, Shibuya and Akihabara! It was my first time in Akihabara so I was really excited. There are so many shops with games, figures, comicbooks, DVDs. It's a paradise for an otaku. I bought Arare-chan figures. I think they were rare. I always wanted to have figures from Dr Slump because it's my favourite manga. It's very hard to find something nice with Arare though.
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When I'm
in Japan there is no time for sleeping, eating, relaxing. I didn't spend much time in a hotel. I only wanted to go out and see as many things as possible. I really like Onigiri though. Usually I had onigiri with seaweeds or salmon. I like japanese cuisine. It's healthy and light. When I was in Tokyo I was very busy but I was able to meet with my friends. Two girls found me on Youtube and they wanted to meet me. I said "Why not?". They were very nice. We took a walk and went to the game center to take purikura. I love purikura. Unfortunately we don't have purikura machines in Poland. Too bad for me. I think it's so much fun.
a programme was also an amazing experience. I'm glad that so many people like Japan and enjoy singing Japanese songs. Singing is my whole life. I'm glad that I can connect my 2 biggest passions: Japan and singing. I think that Japanese lyrics are beautiful. By translating them I can understand the beauty of japanese poetry. Besides it's a great way to study Japanese.
Youtube Movie
When I
was in Tokyo I used only Japanese language. I was so happy that I could talk with everybody. I felt even more determined to study this language. In Harajuku district I found an amazing shop - Bodyline. I've been always interested in lolita fashion so it was like a paradise for me. I bought many nice clothes there.This time I went to Book off again. It's such a great place! There are so many manga! My favourite genre is shoujo. During my stay in Japan I visitied a recording studio. I recorded 2 songs there. It was my first time in a place like this. At first I was nervous but I hope I did my best. I love singing old japanese songs, like Yumi Arai, Mariya Takeuchi etc.
To sum up - my trip was amazing. I already miss it so much. I hope I will be able to go to Japan again. Wish me luck!

My dreams connected with Japan. One : Living in Japan.

There are
many things that I like about Japan for example reading manga and watching doramas. When I go there I also want to do some sightseeing, meet with my friends, and go shopping. However I have 3 main purposes in my life.
I want to live in Japan. I don't want to just go there as a trip, I definitely just want to spend much more time there. Before I go there I need to find a proper job and brush up my Japanese skills. I want to work in Japan as a Polish/English teacher. I'm also thinking about singing in clubs and restaurants since singing is my great passion. The only problem is that I would be separated from my family. I think that I have an idea how to make it work: I can visit Poland regularly. It's possible,isn't it? I really appreciate that people in Japan are very tolerant when it comes to fashion. I love gothic lolita style but I can't buy gosurori clothes in Poland. Too bad for me.

Two : Helping people. Three : Singing and making people happy

"Why do I
like singing?" To be honest it's my whole life. I sing everywhere and it's always been like this. By singing I want to make people happy. I'm glad when someone says "your voice is so beautiful" or "Thanks to your singing I could forget about my problems". I also love learning foreign languages. At the moment I'm learning German, English and Japanese. I'm thinking about becoming a teacher or a translator in Japan. I also have a nice plan. During the day I could work as a teacher and in the evening I could sing in clubs/bars, for example in a jazz cafe or something like this.


Odango hairstyle is cute, isn't it?

Imagination has no limit!!

Winter in Poland is very cold.

At the airport, texting my friends.

Heart for my fans and supporters.

Dogs can understand our feelings.

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My favourite musicians

A Perfect Circle / Adele / Alice in Chains / Angus and Julia Stone / Aqualung / Arctic Monkeys / Audio Slave / Bat For Lashes / the bird and the bee / Björk / Blessthefall / Blue Foundation / Breaking Benjamin / Coeur de Pirate / Coldplay / Crystal Castles / Eisley / Ellie Goulding / Fatboy Slim / Feist / Fever Ray / Flyleaf / The Fray / Future of Forestry / Godsmack / Gregory and the Hawk / IAMX / Iron & Wine / Jenny Owen Youngs / John Mayer / Kasabian / Kate Nash / Kings Of Leon / The Knife / The Kooks / Lily Allen / Linkin Park / M.I.A / Massive Attack / Mat Kearney / Metallica / MGMT / Michael Bublé / Moloko / Mutemath / My Brightest Diamond / Norah Jones / Nouvelle Vague / The Offspring / Panic! At The Disco / Papa Roach / Paramore / Passion Pit / Phantogram / Phoenix / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Robyn / Sarah Blasko / Sea Wolf / Seether / She & Him / Sigur Rós / Slayer / Sting / System of a Down / Tegan and Sara / The Ting Tings / Three Days Grace / Tool / Tori Amos / U2 / Vampire Weekend / WarPaint / The White Stripes / The xx / Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Young the Giant / Capsule / Ellegarden / 宇多田ヒカル / 坂本真綾 / 植松伸夫 / 辻希美 / 妖精帝國 / etc


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